Specialist Alcohol and Drug Support in Liverpool

Perspective Counselling Services (PCSL) is an established, Merseyside based, specialist drug and alcohol support services organisation, working in partnership with Merseyside Probation Area. It provides a range of services including counselling, psychotherapy, training, drama therapy and personal development.

As an established Partnership Agency of the National Probation Service (NPS) in Merseyside for over twelve years and has been a contracted as Partnership Agency to, provide a range of services to NPS in Merseyside since it was set up in 1999.

PCSL are a growing team of locally based, like minded individuals with a varied range of alcohol and drug related skills, knowledge and experience providing a range of counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, training, drama therapy and personal development services to individuals and organisations.

Through its close links with John Moores University Counselling Department, PCSL also offers very cost effective access to more basic counselling services provided through senior student placements. In addition to NPS, PCSL has close links with the following agencies:

In summary, PCSL's services, are all geared towards helping drug and alcohol misusing clients and the professionals who work with them, include:

1:1 and Group Counselling

An integrative and flexible approach balancing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Solution focused techniques, Cognitive Analytical therapy and Adlerian therapy.

Drama and Creative Therapy Workshops

A powerful medium to stimulate change in groups and individuals. Bespoke training and coaching for professionals to help improve treatment outcomes including:

Past and Present Supported National Probation Service Programmes

  1. NPS 1A2 Alcohol …A group based intervention, the forerunner to ASRO, designed and delivered by PCSL, and aimed at encouraging offenders to examine the links between there problematic alcohol use, offending and associated risks to health through a combination of group discussions, individual counselling and drama workshops.
  2. NPS Alcohol and Substance Misuse Rehabilitation Order- Accredited Programme – A group based intervention aimed at reducing crime by targeting substance mis-use and improving clients motivation to change, self-control skills, relapse prevention skills and enthusiasm for lifestyle modification. PCSL provided pre group work and ongoing counselling support for offenders to improve their programme performance, including:
    - Guidance and referral interviews
    - Support Needs Assessment and Health education/harm reduction
    - Referral of individuals to other agencies
  3. Counselling Support for offenders attending other NPS accredited programmes including:
    - Drink Impaired Drivers
    - Think First
    - Domestic Violence
    - LISM – 'Liverpool intensive supervision and monitoring'
    - Bail Hostels – Counselling and Drama Workshop support
    - Prison Service – In partnership with the LISM team
  4. NPS – Drug rehabilitation support:
    - 1:1 and group counselling
    - Drama Workshops
    - Creative Workshops
    - Guidance and referral interviews
    - Support needs and assessment and Health education/harm reduction
    - Referral of individuals to other agencies
  5. Resettle Pilot Project We are presently providing a psychotherapy group to ex offenders attending a Resettlement Programme.The Resettle project aims to address clients mental health and social needs in order to enable them to lead offence-free lives in the community. The scheme, drawn up by the government, NHS, prison service, police and probation, is being tried out in Merseyside before possibly being used elsewhere.

    The scheme works with ex-offenders on activities aimed at improving their mental health, developing the ability to form relationships, enhancing their social skills and improving their job prospects.